Daddy doing the hula

Daddy as a handsome young man

Daddy and Marlene Diertrich (?)
at his surprise 69th birthday party

Daddy's own self-portrait
he took of himself

MARCH 30, 1981

And they say daughters are stubborn ... no, I think it's the other way around, dad's are the stubborn ones!!

There we were, he said "just a few more minutes, just one fish, one little fish," and we replied "okay, just a few more minutes," as we sat there waiting and waiting; one minute, two minutes, and before we knew it, we were there for over an hour as the boat rocked and rolled more and more.

I think with each roll, the sea-sicker we got. But no, we couldn't leave as we rolled to the tune of "just a few more minutes until I catch a fish." Well, at this point, I didn't care if it was a 100 more fish, but no, dad was just being his stubborn self, just "one more minute," as we rocked and rolled more. Finally, we were too dizzy and seasick to care how many minutes it took.

The moral of this story is: I guess dad's will just always be stubborn men and no he didn't catch his fish - we just got sick!!!

If this hasn't convinced you that dad's are stubborn people, maybe this story will:

It was early one morning and he said "we'll do it just one more time," so I said "okay, just one more time." Before I knew it, time was flying by us and I was still trying to parallel park the car. I said with tears in my eyes, "Dad, forget it, I don't need my license," and the stubborn voice said, "just one more time."

By now, I was used to the slogan, "just one more time" or "just one more minute." Boy, how those minutes and times have a way of passing by fast!!

The moral to this is: I finally did it. I parallel parked and got my license. Anything, so I didn't have to hear my stubborn dad say, "just one more time" anymore - so dad, as stubborn as you were those times, I guess it paid off in the end as trying as it was, and all I can say to you tonight is "thank you, dad, for being that stubborn man in my life. It has taught me the important lesson that sometimes in order to succeed, you have to be stubborn and keep trying" - I love you.

(I wrote and presented this to my dad
on his surprise 69th birthday)