May this eternal, glowing candle
represent mama dear's everlasting
vibrant, energetic, loving spirit for life


The despair I feel in my heart today
as we scatter your long lived body now
turned into ashes.

Never to see your warm face light-up again.

Never to touch your sweet red lips
that turn into the biggest , brightest vibrant smile
when your angel husband, Art, walked into the room
the whole room would light up.

Never to be able to read to you again
what the word "mother"
meant to me and to have your
eyes gazing at me as my lips formed the words spoken.

Never to sing again "You Are My Sunshine"
feeling our oneness in spirit
as I heard your breathe on the other side of the phone listening
to every sound resonating from deep within my heart
as I felt the calming effects both you and I felt that magical day.

Never to sing all the songs you so loved and longed to
always hear .. never dreaming your baby daughter would
be the one to sing them to you as you lay there so beautiful,
yet so helpless ..

Your eyes beaming at me, as I caught a little teardrop running
down your smooth rosey cheek to the many songs that will
forever live on in your spirit.

Never again to wrap you in my arms as I held your fearful head
that night so close to my body when you were too scared to
close your eyes ..
as I said to you "sleep mama .. you need your strength."

Never to get up all night long to make sure you were okay
and still breathing as I laid my head near your chest listening.

Never to sleep in the same room with you in a cot
next to your bedside.

Never to be able to wrap a warm washcloth across your cold face
to comfort you as much as possible.

Never to put the water bottle on your tummy with your tender
little hands and fingers so they wouldn't be cold during the

Never to tell you again "don't worry Mama .. I'll be here --
I'm not leaving you."

Never to share the lighting of the Pikake-scented candle with you
representing your love for the Islands
and helping to give you healing strength
to continue on your journey.

Never to awaken next to you again as I held your hand in mine
and say "Good Morning Mama" --
only to hear the words "she's gone."


Mama .. just know it was my pleasure to give back to you
what you gave to me at birth and all through the years.

I will cherish those ending two-weeks of your life that I was privileged to spend giving you my all to make you comfortable --
hoping it would help soothe your transition into the unknown world more smoothly ..
mama dear, those memories are engraved in my heart and soul forevermore!

Thank you for bringing me into this world ---


Every time I'm thinking of you, mama,
My saddened heart still cries.
But I know you are now at peace,
Resting in God's Heavenly skies.

The pain you had was left behind,
Once you entered Heaven's door.
Held in the arms of God Almighty,
You will never feel pain anymore.

Your beautiful soul now flies freely,
Reaching down from Heaven to mine.
Always to keep you so close to me;
Bonded through the passage of time.

Your loving heart is remembered;
It holds a special place in my heart.
And I will always keep it held within,
Through every day that we are apart.

It still hurts so much to think of you, mama
Because I'm missing having you here.
Yet I know that in the Heavenly skies,
God's gift to me, is to keep you near.

~Pamela Hall


M aking a decision that will 
O bviously change your 
T houghts of 
H ow your life's 
E xperiences will turn out, are 
R easons of why the word 
S pecial takes on 

A whole 
N ew meaning. 
D etermined to 

D iscover all of the 
A bsolutely 
U nforgettable times 
G iven to you to 
H ave in your 
T houghts and 
E specially in your heart. 
R emembered forever as the most 
S pecial treasure anyone could have. 

I LOVE YOU MOM 5/10/99
(This poem on "Mothers and Daughters" was a poem I found for my mother on Mother's Day 1999)

"Make Me a New Channel of Vision"

Let me be a renewed channel of vision.
Through which God's love can flow.
Where I find Darkness, let me bring
a warm and hopeful glow
Help me bring faith and trust where I find misbelief.
Let me wipe the tears that come with sorrow, hurt, and grief.
Help me find the way, God,
to find new channels too,
to mend my broken heart!
and channel new ways
through the years
so the sunshine will shine again in my heart!
Poem I sent my friends the day my mom died - 6/27/01



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