One of my favorite munchkins - nephew Austin

Darryl & Rose

brother Jerome & family

Austin & Grandpa Darryl

Austin contemplating

Austin & baby peacock
2 days old

Austin & friend, Elmo

My pretty Hawaiian
grass-skirt sister
(second from right)

Don't mess with my sister
(Sandy and brother Darryl)

My sweet sister Carole &
kind-hearted brother-in-law Billie

My mom & dad's wedding picture

Parents tying the knot again after 40 years

How should I
wear my hair today?
(Friend, Wendy)

Aren't we something else?
(Me & friend, Teresa)

We're quite the artist
(Childhood friend, JoAnna and husband, Bob's wedding picture posed in front of her painting)

My beautiful mother
as a young girl

Watch us grow with daddy
(sis, brothers and me)

Aren't we cute?
(sis & brother, Darryl)

Such clowns
(my brothers)

Mardi Gras Duke &
Duchess of Louisiana
(Friend, JoAnna & husband, Bob)

He's a Movie Star
(Austin on Easter, 2000)